Smart Decisions Start with Research

market research examples

Con Ed faced the challenge of pleasing 21st century customers with rising expectations. Customer interactions have become more prominent and Con Ed is being held to a higher standard. Today, comparisons are being made to other best in class companies.

Take our clients’ word for it

market research examples

“We have a culture that wants to connect with consumers, so to have that exchange and to really stay connected and stay on top of them and even figure out where they’re going, our online community has been instrumental in that.”

– Karen Bakos, Director

market research examples

“The level of creativity and what I would deem intimacy in this category blew me away. I’ve been on the other end of surveys and they can be robotic, but the community, these guys were really engaged”

– Kurt Hillman, Director of Shopper Insights

No company knows their customers better than
one that actively incorporates them.