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Should they stay or should they go? How to keep Co-creation Community Participation Healthy and Balanced

One question I have been hearing a lot lately when speaking with both current and potential clients is, “What is the average lifespan for an online market research community member?” While we typically like to add fresh blood into a community at a minimum of once a year, this is not a simple answer as …

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Why Millennials and Co-creation are a Perfect Match

“Selfish,” “spoiled,” and “egotistical” are commonly used to describe Millennials. As a Millennial myself, I find these words harsh. It’s difficult to compare generations, when each cohort has different circumstances to face. As we all know, times have changed drastically, including, most notably, the recession that has left the majority of Americans struggling to make …

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What can we Learn about Co-creation from Entrepreneurs?

Every company wants to have the next great product or service. Some of the most disruptive ones lately have come out of the sharing economy—think Uber or Airbnb. The vast majority of these ideas have come from independent individuals who build companies around an idea rather than ideas within the framework of a company. In …

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‘Tis the season for CrowdWeaving®

The holiday season ushers in the New Year. Out with the old, in with the new… In today’s networked, hyper-informed economy, customers are no longer mere buyers. Consumers are successfully helping design and innovate products and services. If you continue to treat your customers as mere sources of revenue, you’re missing the boat – and, …

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Co-Moderating in Online Communities

Recently, I read an article on called “What happens when community participants start acting like researchers?” The authors discussed a few new approaches to positively incorporate members into the moderating process within online communities. The authors share feedback and examples from three case studies to show how they suggest engaging members to this new …

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Co-creation – Who Isn’t Doing It?

I recently was catching up with an old colleague of mine who asked me what it was that we really do at KL Communications.  I gave him my typical response of “we are a research agency that specializes in customer co-creation.”  To that, my colleague replied, “Who isn’t doing that these days?” This response really …

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Change is Coming and KL Communications is Ready

Recently I participated in a webinar in which Google Consumers Surveys sparked the latest conversation that an industry transformation is not as far off as some might think. The transition on the horizon (or more realistically already here) is that there are faster, cheaper, and bigger means to data and sample. While other companies may …

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