Online communities have transformed the way we interact on a daily basis, yet they remain a largely untapped resource. Let’s unlock their potential, get feedback and build relationships with the people who matter most – your customers.

Creating a better user experience starts with a company’s effort to reach out and learn. Knowing your customers is one thing, but having them there every step of the way is a completely different ballgame. Using our market research services, we maximize these opportunities and tailor an effective strategy to ensure both you and your customers win.

Qualtrics Survey Research

We utilize Qualtrics for survey research with full integration into our community database. By drawing on these sophisticated market research services, we act as a seamless extension of your team when it comes to survey programming, data collection, and analysis.

Bulletin Board Groups

Asynchronous, moderated group discussion with up to 30 participants. Typically, these projects require about two weeks with 3-4 days allocated for discussion. Clients will receive a full transcript and a full detailed report, including an executive summary and detailed findings.

My Journal

These in-depth interviews are moderated one-on-one by our team of trained moderator/curators. This market research service includes up to 30 participants engaged for a 1-2 week interview period. Clients will receive full transcript and a full detailed report, including an executive summary and detailed findings.

Reporting & Analytics

As you would expect from a full service partner, our staff of trained researchers are able to provide full service analytic support, including establishing a clear ROI by comparing new product success rates.

You can anticipate a well-crafted detailed report with eloquent executive summary, supported by creative and appropriate supporting visuals/graphics.

In these reports, you’ll see a synthesized analyses that identify key trends and position the community as a thought leader.

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