In October of 1996, our founder, Kevin Lonnie, was told by his boss that his ideas on empowering the customer were “not the way we do research around here”. Being somewhat headstrong, Kevin resigned on the spot. “It was an instant epiphany for me,” he said. Shortly thereafter, Kevin started KL Communications.

“I started the firm right around Thanksgiving, which was the worst possible starting time. Total billing that year was around $500. Yeah, that was a rough start.”
– Kevin

Fortunately, things picked up and twenty years later, KLC has stayed true to Kevin’s vision, always putting the focus on the customer’s research experience. That’s why KLC was one of the first providers of MROCs (Marketing Research Online Communities) and has consistently been one of the leading research companies recognized by trade organizations such as Forrester, GreenBook and Quirks, as one of the proven leaders for online communities.

Why the emphasis on online communities?

It’s part of our evergreen approach. If we want to embrace the customer as a partner, then we need to raise the customer to client relationship, where more is expected from both sides. That’s why KLC is a strong advocate on the potential of customer co-creation, with the belief that customer inspired concepts will be stronger than those that arise from a silo. That’s why co-creation online communities, powered by CrowdWeaving™, are at the heart of all our services.

Creatives don’t want detailed customer findings from a research company. They want inspiration to drive their own creative juices. Instead of force feeding your team the research findings, imagine what could result from co-creation inspiration.

Our Team

Executive Team

Kevin Lonnie

President & CEO

Lisa Fuchs

Vice President

Allyssa B. Gresser

Executive Vice President

Management Team

Jamie Lang

Senior Project Manager

Haley Rice

Community Manager

Jennifer Noonan

Associate Project Manager

Rianna Martorano

Associate Research Manager

Haley Long

Associate Research Manager

Ryan Lancelot

Community Manager

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Our History


KL Communications is founded as one of the first online research companies.


KL Communications created the first online panels for Lucent Technology, B2B and Entertainment Weekly: The Front Row.


KL Communications started the first online community for Frito Lay.


KL Communications created IC² Communities.


KL Communications acquired Groupthink & introduced the first proprietary co-creation process.


KL Communications refined and perfected their CrowdWeaving™ co-creation process.


KL Communications enhanced their IC² Communities and relaunched as CrowdWeaving™.


KL Communications introduced their CrowdWeaving™ philosophy incorporating additional agile research methods.

Proud to Serve the Following Customers

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No company knows their customers better than
one that actively incorporates them.