CrowdWeaving Ideation Sessions


CROWDWEAVING IDEATION SESSIONS are a dynamic, collaborative process, engaging consumers, marketers, researchers, and all internal stakeholders. During these sessions, consumers provide creative ideas and solutions to a challenge or problem.

Ideation Sessions begin by issuing a challenge;  then participants create solutions through a multi-step process:

  • Independent Idea Generation
  • Collaboration
  • Idea Evolution
  • Ranking and Passion Measurement

Through this creative process, we gain deeper insight into consumers’ key needs and drivers of behavior. Our Curators use unique tools to filter, synthesize, and analyze ideas to uncover key opportunities for innovation.

  • Live Coding
  • Real-time Analytics and Segmentation
  • Achievement Bonuses and Gamification for Stronger Engagement


Our unique Passion Index allows us to prioritize the ideas and determine the best opportunities for innovation. This index goes beyond an idea’s popularity and finds those that have passionate support from a small, niche group. The spark of disruptive innovation often lies not in broad appeal, but in ardent support.

  • Blog

    Posted on July 17, 2014 by Sean Holbert

    MROCs have had a good run. For more than a decade, MROCs have been the go-to resource for brands to get closer to their customers. That need hasn’t gone away, but traditional MROCs soon will. MROCs are dying.

    Posted on July 15, 2014 by Lauren Coartney

    Every company wants to have the next great product or service. Some of the most disruptive ones lately have come out of the sharing economy—think Uber or Airbnb. The vast majority of these ideas have come from independent individuals who build companies around an idea rather than ideas within the framework of a company. In other words, they are entrepreneurs, and we all wish our organizations were full of idea people like them.

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