Full Reports

Detailed, data driven reports, with an executive summary to easily digest key findings, can be tailored to your audience. Deliverables include charts, tables and other graphics to illustrate data points in a concise yet comprehensive narrative. Also included are strategic recommendations to focus your attention on the most robust customer insights. Reporting templates are designed according to your specifications, to match your branding.

Executive Summaries

Short, high-level summaries that capture key findings can also be crafted as needed. Visual in nature, these summaries incorporate infographics and other illustrative representations to succinctly communicate the voice of your customer.

Video Reports

Highlight reel montages of your customers’ multimedia uploads can be created to add color and substance to your reports, enabling your internal stakeholders hear insights and feedback straight from the source – the customers themselves.

Real-Time Business Insights Dashboard

A real-time dashboard provides up-to-the-minute metrics on all aspects of your co-creation community. This includes a full library of all research activities, a robust portal into all current surveys, and member participation and refreshment statistics to gauge your community’s health. You can filter, segment, or include any demographics available for your community members. Also, you can access and export your reports or raw data in a variety of formats including PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint.