The world is changing. Traditional business models are becoming obsolete and are being replaced by an on-demand economy, forcing brands to do more with less. So, what’s the solution when you’re asked to innovate on demand?

Customer Co-Creation
By innovating with consumers, you uncover rapid insights and develop customer driven solutions to
make real-time business decisions that have an impact on both your business and your most loyal customers. How can you co-create with your customers?

Through CrowdWeaving®, you gain deeper insight into consumers’ key needs and drivers of behavior and uncover key opportunities for innovation.

What is CrowdWeaving®?

CrowdWeaving® is KLC’s proprietary co-creation methodology that enables you to incorporate your customers into the product development process right at the beginning.

Through CrowdWeaving®, you can empower your brand and connect to your customers by developing a unique collaborative relationship in the earliest stages of new product or service development to accelerate innovation.

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How Does
It Work?

Within a private online insight community you can take conversations further by putting customers in the driver’s seat when ideating – using CrowdWeaving®. Doing so not only enables you to get to know them better, but it also affords greater contextual incorporation of their insights – not just their feedback – into every stage of the product development lifecycle.  

By presenting your insight community members with a challenge—or problem—to solve, you engage your customers in a dynamic process to provide creative solutions that can be developed into viable product concepts. Through this creative process, you gain deeper insight into your customers’ key needs and motivations in three key stages:

  1. Independent Ideation
    Present your customers with a challenge and ask them to come up with unique solutions.
  2. Collaboration
    Invite customers to review the ideas and work together to expand on them and develop them into robust concepts.
  3. Evaluation
    A final round validates the ideas and confirms key themes and elements that bring deeper insight into your customers’ needs. Additionally, a Passion Index allows you to prioritize ideas and determine the best opportunities for innovation.