About CrowdWeaving®

CrowdWeaving®  is all about engaging your consumers at the earliest stage of creation. Using KLC’s proprietary CrowdWeaving® software module, by presenting members with either a challenge or a problem to solve, they are able to discover the perfect marriage of customer co-creation, speed and cost efficiency. Ideation Sessions are a dynamic, collaborative process, engaging consumers to provide creative ideas and solutions to a challenge or problem.

Through this creative process, we gain deeper insight into consumers’ key needs and drivers of behavior. Our Curators use unique tools to filter, synthesize, and analyze ideas to uncover key opportunities for innovation through live coding, real-time analytics, achievement bonuses and stronger engagement.

All steps of the CrowdWeaving process are completed using KLC’s proprietary CrowdWeaving software module.

Independent Ideation

The CrowdWeaving®  session will begin with presenting the challenge, background information and a loose framework for their ideas. The framework is intentionally broad so as to give a greater breadth and variation of initial ideas. In the first 1-2 days, this process allows users to submit their own solutions to the core challenge, but not view or collaborate with others. This ensures that there are a variety of diverse ideas and there’s no influencing among participants.

Collaboration & Idea Development

Next in the CrowdWeaving®  process, we will open the ideas up to the group. Participants will be allowed to add comments and questions to other ideas, helping each author develop his or her idea further.

Also in this stage, members can begin to rank the ideas from the community in order of preference. The benefit of this is that you’ll be able to identify not just the most popular ideas, but ideas that have ardent support from a smaller segment of users.

Building an Idea into a Concept

During this entire process, our team of expert curators will work with you to filter the ideas down based on how well they are endorsed by the members and your internal stakeholders.

In the end, your final set will typically include 6-12 ideas. At this point, we’ll begin adding more structure to the challenge, asking the members to think about new aspects of the existing ideas, like packaging and marketing.

Passion Index

Our unique Passion Index allows us to prioritize ideas and determine the best opportunities for innovation. The voting mechanism does much more than show us the best ideas. Instead, it spotlights those that have limited reach but huge potential among niche audiences. The spark of disruptive innovation often lies not in broad appeal, but in ardent support.

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