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Online Insight Communities foster a collaborative relationship between you and your customers, so you can tap into their needs and bring the right solutions to life. Through ongoing customer-centric collaboration in a web-based market research community, you can listen to the voice of the customer to uncover customer insights on-demand, and accelerate business growth through customer-driven solutions.

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Why use an online insight community?

  • Provides a framework for capturing the Voice of the Customer through ongoing collaboration and iteration
  • Establishes long-term on-demand customer insights solution
  • Delivers customer insights quickly through multiple methodologies to meet any business objective

What benefits of online insight communities do businesses report?

  • 49% of businesses with an online community report cost savings of 10% to 25% annually.
  • 72% of companies with an online community use it to gather product feedback, while 67 percent use it to collect new product and feature ideas.
  • 86% of marketers believe that a branded online community will directly benefit core business operations.

Online Community Activity Types

Think of our customer insights platform as your exclusive co-creation laboratory that blends traditional market research methods with cutting-edge online community tools so you can ideate and iterate with your customers.

Activity types include:

  • Polls & Forum discussions
  • Surveys
  • Online bulletin boards, focus groups & IDIs
  • Video/photo diaries & In-Home Testing
  • Video chats
  • CrowdWeaving® & Concept Creation
  • More…

All activities are optimized for access across all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones to ensure that your customers can continue their conversation with you wherever they go.

Insight Community Management

Community Management teams act as the liaison between you and your customer. Through focused activities designed to understand the mind of the consumer, the community team can ensure customers are engaged and ready to collaborate at any time. This creates an environment where your customers can constantly provide thought-provoking, relevant insights, even when you don’t have a deadline to meet.

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Customer Insight Reporting

For every community initiative, you can anticipate well-crafted, detailed reporting with an executive summary, supported by creative and appropriate data visualization. Report templates are designed to your needs and specifications.

You also have access to a real-time insights dashboard so you can access your community data at any time.

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Online Insight Community Service Options

Flexible service options are available for market research online communities, so you can effectively co-create with your customers and accelerate innovation for your brand.

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