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How Does AI Impact Your Insights Community?

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) as they were typically called at the time were a yearly feature in GRIT’s new technology section for over a decade, until they became nearly ubiquitous due to their cost/time efficiencies over ad hoc research.   But do those advantages still hold when compared to the potential of AI synthetic data/respondents?  …

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Don’t Let AI Prevent HI–Embracing the Surface Noise

I love that lead-in quote and not simply because I’ve been a vinyl record enthusiast and collector since a guy named Reagan lived in the White House. I also love it because I’m a HI (Human Insight) enthusiast and embracing life’s surface noise is critical in the pursuit of human insight. Given the current state …

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What Is an Insight Community?

An insight community is a valuable research tool that virtually brings together a select group of your customers, prospects, or key stakeholders, allowing you to regularly engage with them and gather valuable feedback and deep insights.  With an insight community you can better understand your audience, identify their needs and preferences, and ultimately make more informed decisions to help drive your business forward. 

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The Rise of The Integrated Researcher / IiEX Austin May 2023

The overarching theme of IiEX NA 2023 was the rapid rise of AI and its potential to disrupt the MR Industry. Quickly, the narrative for AI has changed from, “Will it disrupt?” to “To what extent will AI disrupt MR and how quickly?”.  Most folks are betting on “extensive” and “this year”. The impact of …

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AI Has MR In Its Sights

AI (ChatGPT, et al) is set to disrupt the Market Research Industry.  A recent joint academic study (Princeton, Penn & NYU) with the sexy title “Occupational Heterogeneity in Exposure to Generative AI” listed MR in the top 10% of industries threatened by AI (75th out of 750).  Looking for more causes for concern, On Monday …

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Case Study:  Utility CX & Brand Tracking With An Insights Community

Insights Communities are an effective and affordable way for utility providers to track key performance indicators.  Do you need to regularly answer questions like these: Questions like these or closely related ones are often critical for utility companies to answer.  Regularly tracking the metrics that result from these types of questions is the key to …

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Has Your Insights Community Become a Time Hog?

If you want to achieve maximum efficiency, every member of your research team needs to stay in their lane.  At KLC, we’ve always felt that means allowing our clients do what they do best, which is provide great research. Today, most community providers are tech oriented (i.e., DIY, SaaS).  With an emphasis on scalability, their …

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10 Ways To Use An Insights Community For Your Utility Company

I led market insights and customer experience measurement teams for Fortune 200 companies for 25 years.  An insights community was an important part of my toolbox at each of these companies.  The insights communities (in the beginning we called them MROCs or Market Research Online Communities) enabled the delivery of fast insights with significant cost …

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Does Your Insights Community Suffer from Quiet Quitting?

Members typically join an insights community because of their interest in the brand or the product category (for blind communities).  This interest is the hook that drives initial signup. Once recruited, community members are typically treated to a passive, reactive experience.  They are asked to participate in research projects without the courtesy of explaining how …

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