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Design Thinking: Human-Centered Approaches That Improve Market Research

The word “philosophy” might evoke painful (or pleasant) recollections of studying ancient Greece in high school or college.  Furthermore, philosophy is not usually a subject that businesspeople discuss, at least not in the context of market research. Business has nothing to do with answering questions like “What is Justice?” We can refer to Plato’s Republic …

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Traditional Online Insight Communities vs. Co-Creation Communities

In today’s business landscape every day it is becoming more important to connect with and truly understand your customers. An effective way to do this is through market research online communities or MROCs. MROCs give companies of all kinds the opportunity to tap into consumers’ minds, uncover needs and pain points, and build a two-way …

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Innovative from Start to Finish: The Benefits of Research Methodologies

Online insight communities have so much to offer. From employing in-depth qualitative research methods to providing substantial quantitative findings; if there’s a question you need to be answered, an online community can be your tool to do it! Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) Let’s start with the basics! The first thing to note when talking …

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What is the difference between Co-Creation and Ideation?

Do you want to Co-Create, or do you just want to ideate? Often, we are asked about the differences in Co-Creation versus Crowdsourcing and Idea Generation. In the age of “faster, cheaper, more scalable”, brands want to innovate to stay competitive, but may not always want to invest the time and effort (and budget). Ultimately, …

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