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Does Your Insights Community Suffer from Quiet Quitting?

Members typically join an insights community because of their interest in the brand or the product category (for blind communities).  This interest is the hook that drives initial signup. Once recruited, community members are typically treated to a passive, reactive experience.  They are asked to participate in research projects without the courtesy of explaining how …

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Predictive Models & The Hero’s Response

The core responsibility of insights providers is to help our clients make better decisions. Decisions based on disparate, objective analysis. On the other hand, autocratic leaders show a predisposition for their own subjective litmus tests.  We are seeing this play out in Ukraine.  But as is often the case in history, there are striking parallels to …

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Going Digital: Digital Transformation & Customer Experience

We’ve all been there, running from store to store like our lives depend on it. The holidays just around the corner, and nothing stopping us from getting what we need to enjoy the season with friends and family. Except, maybe, those pesky checkout lines. You know the ones I mean. The kinds that wrap around …

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How Focus Groups (Online Communities) Can Help the Customer Experience

The Customer Experience The customer experience is crucial to your business’s success. To make sure you are continuously improving your customer experience, you must listen to your customer voice. Your customers are the ones who purchase and use your product/service, so why not give them what they want? This helps build brand loyalty and repeat …

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Choosing the Right Research Methodology: Part 2

To read Part 1 of this series click here “Introduction to Market Research Methodologies: Part 1” MROCs (market research online communities) employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gather feedback. Now that you are a bit more familiar with each type from Part 1 of this series, let’s talk about when to use each methodology …

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Online Communities: Finding Your Customers a Place to be Heard

In a recent Insider article, The New York Times shared back some very touching insights from their readers, emphasizing the way they utilize the comments sections on articles to help build community, garner healthy debate and conversation, and influence future journalistic reporting. Sona Patel, Director of Community for The Time’s, stresses a few things that …

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Market Research Online Communities Best Practices Part 2: Assembling & Maintaining Your Community

To read Part 1 of this series click here “Building an Online Community That’s Right For You” Whether you manage an online community that practices traditional research or one that uses a more collaborative, co-creation approach. Whether you do all the heavy lifting yourself or rely on partners to share the management responsibilities. Whatever your experience …

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