Service Options

We offer both Full Service and Flex Service models. What does that mean? Simple: We will do it all for you or we will do it all with you, but we will never leave you to do it yourself!

Full Service

A team of research experts, community managers, and curators draft, program and moderate research initiatives, then filter, synthesize, and analyze customer ideas to uncover key opportunities for innovation through live coding, real-time analytics, achievement bonuses, and ongoing engagement.

Flexible service

A community manager works with you to program and administer your research initiatives, so you can focus on moderating and analyzing the data with your internal team. With this option you can ramp your service up or down as needed; you can draft, conduct and analyze the research on your own, or delegate certain aspects of the field or analysis phase to your community manager.

Ongoing Insights Communities

Ongoing insights communities operate for a term of at least one year and can be renewed annually to continue your dialog with your customers and enable them to collaborate with you throughout the entire product development cycle.

Pulse insights community

A Pulse Community is a short-term online community assembled to address a specific business issue. Like a strategic strike force, your Pulse Community is assembled for the sole purpose of meeting the objective at hand and is ideal for Proof-of-Concept. A Pulse Community leverages the effectiveness of the Agile Development Process (fail early, often and work iteratively to a solution) with the power of customer co-creation through a CrowdWeaving® Challenge. Typically, a pulse community runs from 1-3 months depending on your research objective.