Activity Types

Community activities can be conducted through traditional or cutting-edge research methodologies. Using targeted questions and an open dialogue, traditional research allows you to develop a clear understanding of exactly who your customers are. When combined with innovative co-creation techniques and expert researchers, your brand can gain deeper insight into your customers’ key needs and drivers of behavior. Activities can be targeted to specific segments or demographics based on profile, survey responses, or other factors.

Polls and Forum discussions

Use the polling feature to get a quick read or put some numerical data around qualitative insights to add context to a topic.

In a forum discussion, customers can provide their response to your initial question, then converse on that topic with other like-minded customers, to give you insight into your target audiences. Community members can also start their own conversations, so you can see what’s top of mind for them and gain a deeper understanding of how your customers think and feel.


Simple and complex surveys are available, with multiple collection methods to allow for community members and non-members to participate.

Online bulletin boards, focus groups & IDIs

Individual and group interviews are moderated by a team of trained moderator/curators. Typically, boards include 30 participants engaged for a 1-2-week interview period, longer for ethnographies. Clients receive full transcript and a full detailed report, including an executive summary and detailed findings.

Video/photo diaries

Customers can upload video testimonials, or post images, collages, etc., to illustrate their thoughts and feelings. These can be incorporated into reports to add context and color to data points or be edited into standalone video reports.

Text/Video Chats

Interact with customers live via video or text chat, to gain valuable real-time insights. Moderated chats begin with a predetermined set of questions, and as the session continues the moderator can ask follow-up questions based on each participant’s responses and the flow of the conversation. Stimuli can be shown on-screen for participants to react to, or participants can share their screens so the moderator can see what they see.

CrowdWeaving® & Concept Creation

During a CrowdWeaving® Challenge, customers provide creative ideas and solutions to a challenge or problem, then work together to make the top ideas even better. The result is a concept for a new product that is created with your customers and their needs in mind.

Using the CrowdWeaving module, clients can test concepts with customers through an evaluation that includes a rating and ranking exercise as well as a collaborative aspect to allow for some iteration. This takes concept testing to a higher level, as it allows you to work with your customer to make your concepts stronger.


Is there something you need that isn’t listed here? Let us know… our proprietary community platform enables us to add new technologies at any time if the demand exists. Additionally, we can seamlessly integrate with outside programs with APIs.