Kevin P. Lonnie

President & CEO

In 1984, Mr. Lonnie entered Rutgers College of Engineering with every intention of pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering like his dad. But he shortly found he was far more interested in his Business classes than his Chemistry classes. With that, he switched to a major in Business Administration. Along the way, without bothering to tell anyone, he also decided to pursue a double major in both Business and Psychology. In the final semester of his senior year, Mr. Lonnie took a course in Marketing Research and realized he had found a profession that incorporated the disciplines of both Business and Psychology. Voilá, a lifelong career in Marketing Research was hatched.

Currently, Mr. Lonnie is Vice President of Communications for the Interactive Marketing Research Organization (IMRO) and also serves on the Leadership Committee for the Journal of Online Research. Until recently he served as VP of Communications for the New Jersey division of the American Marketing Association. From 1983 to 1987, Mr. Lonnie was Marketing Manager of New Products for NFO Research and helped reposition the nation’s largest panel company from traditional mail surveys to an interactive future. From 1988 to 1996, he was VP of Client Services for Visual Research Communications. In that capacity he oversaw all research services.

Mr. Lonnie lives in Red Bank, NJ with his wife Susan, daughter Kathleen and identical twin sons, Michael and Sean.