Lisa Fuchs

Vice President

As Vice President, Community Services, Lisa has played an integral role in the creation of the company’s Community Research Department. With two decades of research experience, Lisa spearheaded the development of the department, including the creation of best practices and SOPs for her team of online moderators. In addition to overseeing daily operations for all of KL Communications’ online communities, she also leads a team of developers in the creation of the company’s proprietary community platform, which includes mobile app technologies. A seasoned moderator herself, Lisa also conducts all aspects of qualitative domestic and international research, from study design through analysis. Lisa is also an expert in qualitative co-creation techniques, and has co-authored a White Paper along with Linda Ury Greenberg from Columbia University about fostering creativity in co-creation environments. She is a member of both QRCA and PMRG, and was listed as a Top Moderator in Survey Magazine’s “Who’s Who: Focus Group Moderating” list in 2014.

When she is not working, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and many pets – including two dogs and three cats.