At KL Communications, you can…

Help drive the future of online communities.

KL Communications leads the way in blending innovative & traditional market research through our online communities, creating a collaborative environment where brands can interact with their most loyal customers to find out what drives and inspires them.

Power brands’ success.

With KL Communications, our clients can have more vision and direction than ever before and make insight-driven decisions faster than they ever thought possible.

Answer relevant questions.

From survey results to qualitative insights, there is never a shortage of interesting, complex, and thought-provoking questions to analyze and answer at KL Communications, no matter what department you’re in.

Own your work.

Employees at every level are empowered to own their work from start to finish, and learn all aspects of the company, helping us be as effective as possible and make a measurable impact on the market research industry.

 Work with brilliant people.

At KL Communications, we don’t just hire smart people. We hire energetic, enthusiastic people who thrive in an open environment where they can be creative, innovative – and of course collaborative – and have a real impact on clients by providing strong, impactful insights…Shining Stars.

Eat good food.

We genuinely like each other at KL Communications. One of our company rituals is to have a team lunch every Thursday, where we order fine cuisine from one of the many local restaurants, and bond by chatting about whatever is on our minds – though we do like to watch TV sometimes as well, and fire up the Netflix from time to time.

Join the KL Communications Family

When you’re part of the KL Communications team, you’re part of a family. We go to bat for each other, we’re on the same team and we care. Leave competition at the door. We’re all here to do amazing things together. Below are our open positions:

Associate Research Manager

The Associate Research Manager would support the Community Management team with the daily administration of multiple online co-creation communities, including administering and monitoring content, administering surveys, and data and member management.

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Community Manager

The Community Manager is responsible for managing the daily rhythms of multiple online community environments as well as maintaining outstanding client relationships.  The Community Manager will work closely with clients to help them ensure that each community project and research design meets objectives.  The Community Manager will also be responsible for working closely with a full project team on both quantitative and qualitative projects, so knowledge of both are required.  Additionally, the Community Manager is responsible for content creation, moderating, member management/ communications, daily site administration, and analysis/reporting.

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