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Traditional online communities only capture popular opinion.
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Collaboration starts with you.

Online communities have transformed the way we interact on a daily basis, yet they remain a largely untapped resource. Let’s unlock their potential, get feedback and build relationships with the people who matter most – your customers.

The KLC Difference

As we have for more than 20 years, KL Communications blends traditional and innovative research techniques to bring customers together with brands. Through our online communities, we help you be the thought leader that you know you are, with the help of the real people behind your company and the customers that love your brand.

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Fostering Creativity Through Co-Creation

Creativity isn’t the exclusive provenance of artistic, soulful writers and artists, or code-crunching technologists. Creativity is evident in everyone’s lives, as they solve problems and navigate change. In our free digital whitepaper, we examine what drives creativity and how to foster the creative spirit within a co-creation research environment.

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No company knows their customers better than
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