The Challenge

Aflac, the leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite, has a very successful multichannel distribution model. While incredibly effective, the multistep distribution model can create a variance in experience. Aflac wanted to better understand what an “easy” relationship feels and looks like with their customers and subscribers from a relationship level as well as a transactional level. Aflac recognized that the best way to determine what “ease” looks like to customer, is to engage them.


KL Communications applied a multi-phase co-creation approach with Aflac customers in order to ensure an evolving dialogue around the concept of “ease.” The three-phase process designed to transition from a macro to micro approach, included online focus groups, in-depth interviews and CrowdWeaving® (ideation session with a round of collaboration and voting/ranking to see what resonates with participants) to paint a clear picture of what ease looks and feels like.

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During Phase One, online focus groups were asked to give an overall assessment of “ease” and which companies are easy to work with and why. Participants were asked to provide video responses to pick up on emotional triggers and reactions. This drove the community to focus on the entire customer experience rather than individual transactions. Armed with the general understanding of what the community considered “easy,” KL Communications deployed Phase Two, where in-depth interviews were conducted and asked the community to give both positive and negative feedback on their interactions with Aflac specifically. Finally, in Phase Three, participants were asked to create an ideal “easy” experience with Aflac and identify their pain points and unmet needs with experience as it stands.


Participants defined “ease” as something that is simple and requires minimal effort with no stress. In relation to a business, however, the non-traditional approach uncovered that “ease” goes beyond functionality. While the functional properties are vital, in order for customers to feel that they have a truly easy business relationship, Aflac must focus on the emotional drivers and needs of their clients in order to provide them with a comprehensive user experience that really allows them to take it easy.

Aflac currently has one-day claims pay, a mobile app for claim submissions and direct deposit for claims payment. After this research determining what “ease” means to customers, Aflac is prepared to better build customers’ needs and expectations into their business plan.

Appealing to the Overall Needs of the Customer Creates a Comprehensive “Easy” User Experience.

Aflac goes out to the community to determine what it means to have an “easy” relationship and what they can do to provide the best overall user experience.