Con Edison Case Study

The Challenge

Con Edison faced the challenge of pleasing 21st century customers with rising expectations. Customer interactions have become more prominent and Con Edison is being held to a higher standard. Today, comparisons are being made to other best in class companies.

The Community

In January 2015, the Con Edison Advisory Community was launched. Featuring the insights and contributions of over 10,000 members, the community was segmented to serve as a microcosm of Con Edison’s 6,000,000 customers! Our co-creation community services and CrowdWeaving® methodology were seamlessly integrated to create an award-winning solution for Con Edison.

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Online Gas Leak Map

The idea was to interact with customers in an iterative environment to create new products/services and well as improve existing ones.

By bringing their customers directly into the process and being more transparent with our information, Con Edison has been able to improve customer satisfaction with their online gas leak map.

Enhancements lead to positive perceptions.

No longer content with simple linear research projects that merely provide a snapshot in time, Con Edison now uses their 10,000-member community for nonlinear ongoing feedback.