National Grid Case Study

The Challenge

National Grid provides electric and gas to about 20 million people across its service area. This includes Massachusettes, Rhode Island and some part of New York. They strive to be the customer-focused, clean energy company that is going to help stop the debilitating effects of climate change.

In a market where customers are demanding greater value and more choices from their electric and gas providers, National Grid needed to find a way to innovate to enhance their position as a trusted energy advisor.


Using KL’s CrowdWeavingⓇ (ideation, collaboration and evaluation) methodology, National Grid took a deep dive to identify customers’ needs and develop customer-centric solutions.

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First, National Grid gathered new ideas and concepts through co-creation with a CrowdWeavingⓇ Challenge that was conducted among a small group of their online community members.

Once the Challenge was completed and the ideas were analyzed, they conducted video interviews with the authors of several top ideas to understand where they got the inspiration to come up with these ideas.

Then, they conducted a validation survey with a larger group, to further explore themes presented in the ideas generated during the CrowdWeavingⓇ Challenge. The validation surveys confirmed that there was an interest among customers in the top ranking suggestions.


With KL’s help, the CrowdweavingⓇ Challenge generated over 100 customer-developed ideas for innovation. National Grid was able to pilot a program around the winning idea, and they continue to work with the other customer ideas to create more programs inspired by their customers.

National Grid prides itself on offering a customer-focused, clean energy approach to its gas and electric services.

Using customer-developed ideas, National Grid can address their clients’ needs and strengthen their relationship with their community.