If you want to achieve maximum efficiency, every member of your research team needs to stay in their lane.  At KLC, we’ve always felt that means allowing our clients do what they do best, which is provide great research.

Today, most community providers are tech oriented (i.e., DIY, SaaS).  With an emphasis on scalability, their support ends after they give you the key to their platform.  

At KLC, we are here to make sure you’re never alone on this journey.  That’s why we provide all the platform management services for you (e.g., panel health reports, community engagement activities, dashboard/database updates, etc.).  By acting as your community provider, this allows you to focus on the research!

Of course, research needs aren’t nicely spaced out.  Sometimes you’re juggling multiple projects and you need help.  If your team prefers to design their own surveys, discussion guides, or write your own reports, we can accommodate that with our minimal service offering.  And when your team is overextended and you need help across the board, we can seamlessly step up as an extension of your department.

With KLC’s 25 years of community platform experience, we know how to maximize the ROI of your community.  Our best practices allow everyone to stay in their lane.  You never pay for research services you can do yourself.  And you’ll never find yourself bogged down performing all the IT/Admin needs your community requires.