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Does Your Insights Community Suffer from Quiet Quitting?

Members typically join an insights community because of their interest in the brand or the product category (for blind communities).  This interest is the hook that drives initial signup. Once recruited, community members are typically treated to a passive, reactive experience.  They are asked to participate in research projects without the courtesy of explaining how …

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Predictive Models & The Hero’s Response

The core responsibility of insights providers is to help our clients make better decisions. Decisions based on disparate, objective analysis. On the other hand, autocratic leaders show a predisposition for their own subjective litmus tests.  We are seeing this play out in Ukraine.  But as is often the case in history, there are striking parallels to …

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The Rise of Agile Online Communities

Agile Online Communities are becoming the empathetic cornerstone of a new collaborative relationship with customers.  Established in almost every major organization, Insights Communities have become nearly ubiquitous. Their proliferation, driven by cost and timing efficiencies allow Insights Departments to offer a significant ROI over comparable ad hoc spend. Owing to the versatility of insights communities, they …

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Episode 1 of The Co-Creators Podcast: Shoot the Moon

What does a classic 1940’s tabletop game called “Shoot the Moon” that employs the same principals scientists later used to accelerate and decelerate spacecraft when landing on the moon have to do with Co-Creation? It turns out quite a bit! To learn more about how the two are connected check out the first episode of …

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[Watch] KLC’s Webinar from TMRE Digital Week “How to Maximize Your Online Community”

Overview: How to Maximize the Value of your Online Insight Community Online Insight Communities (MROCs) are now used by the majority of the Fortune 1,000. But is your insight community maximized for cost effectiveness? With the amazing research tools that can be seamlessly integrated into your MROC, the opportunity to transfer expensive ad hoc work …

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