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Choosing the Right Research Methodology: Part 2

To read Part 1 of this series click here “Introduction to Market Research Methodologies: Part 1” MROCs (market research online communities) employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to gather feedback. Now that you are a bit more familiar with each type from Part 1 of this series, let’s talk about when to use each methodology …

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Introduction to Market Research Methods: Part 1

It’s no secret that seeking customer insights via market research is vital when releasing new products or services, and, truth be told, expected nowadays. Customers want to be part of the development process and know that they have influence with the brands (or products) they care about. A simple Google search will reveal any number …

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4 Ways Market Research Online Communities Can Impact Your Business

We all know that online market research is more essential than ever right now. With the COVID-19 pandemic, budgets are down, timelines are tighter than ever, and in-person research is, at best, complicated. How can an online community make an impact on your business right now, and in the future? You have an engaged audience …

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Four Benefits of Online Communities for Market Research

How beneficial something will be to you all depends on how well you set yourself up to derive those benefits. Market research is no different. There are multiple advantages associated with taking your studies to the internet. Although the advantages to adding online communities to your company’s market research repertoire are numerous, here are four …

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How Does Market Research Help a Business: 5 Key Benefits

Before we can dive into how market research helps a business, we first need context around the concept of “market research” itself. Some define it narrowly as “the act of gathering information about customers’ preferences and habits.” Others define it a bit more broadly to include the processes, policies, techniques and tools that are utilized …

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