Co-creation Closes the Gap between Companies and Consumers

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Have you ever had a brilliant product idea or modification for your favorite brand? Did you ever try to communicate your idea to the company? Perhaps you didn’t know where to begin, and if you did, you probably didn’t get far. There are an infinite amount of mediums where people can voice their opinions, but within our technologically based society, are they being heard? Even when companies provide a “Contact Us” form or customer service line, something seems to fall through the cracks.

closing-the-gapConsumer co-creation allows for these ideas to be brought to the company’s attention directly, rather than forcing the consumer to jump through hoops trying to talk to someone who can receive their feedback. Removing the distance between the consumer and the company has several benefits.

When consumers realize they are being heard, they get excited about what direction the company is going in. Co-creation allows them to see the company receive their feedback and act on it. They can see their idea become popular with other consumers involved in the co-creation process and then possibly see that idea come to fruition in the future. They feel connected, involved, and invested in the success of the company.

On a broad scale, co-creation not only closes the gap between the company and the consumer, but it also provides for a more enjoyable brand interaction and experience. And it does more than make them feel good. A recent study by Ipsos SMX found that 9 out of 10 consumers view brands more positively when they include their customers in product development, and that 90% are more likely to purchase products from companies that involve them in co-creation.

CrowdWeaving® takes this a bit further by uniting consumers with ideas around a company’s common goal. We facilitate co-creation by having participants present their ideas to resolve a specific challenge, interact with and have their ideas rated by other collaborators, and work on others’ concepts to achieve the best solution. If their idea resonates with others, or has strong support from a select few, they may get to see their product on the shelf someday.

So, about that idea …

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