KLC CEO Kevin Lonnie Recaps Day 1 of IIR’s Media Insights & Engagement Conference

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KLC CEO Kevin Lonnie is attending the Media Insights & Engagement Conference this week in Miami, FL.

Below are his notes from Day 1 of the conference, detailing the points that stood out to him most. He will be contributing daily updates from the conference, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the most recent topics.


What to make of day one? I saw a research community that was still looking to gauge audience measurement in a rapidly changing, fragmented and time shifting world.

A world in which TV viewing is only partially associated with watching “the TV” and where social media interactions are blurring the lines of what we should be measuring in the 1st place.

riCardo Crespo – CCO Thirteen
Mr. Crespo is a high energy ADHD dynamo who is neither short of ego nor advice. Fortunately his advice is actually quite good.
>Focus needs to be on authenticity. Because what you’re saying really matters. Focus on the consumer’s finite sense of attention.
>Exceptional brands show you why they are. Being able to demonstrate is a lot more compelling than just a lot of talk.
>Shuffle mode is how to handle the corporate world. You have a direction but spontaneity is incorporated. It allows us to make connections because your life isn’t so prescribed. >Experience everything without going backwards. It allows you to resonate with your audience because they care.

Joseph Kessler – The Intelligence Group
Mr. Kessler spoke to change and how the different generations are both affected by and driving that change:
>Climate change in how consumers are informed & entertained
>80% of two year olds have access to a mobile device
>Sports: Football exceeds baseball by a margin of 3 to 1, baseball is now barely leading NASCAR
>Facebook, is it winding down or growing up? The emergence of Gen Z is negatively affecting acceptance of Mr. Zuckerberg’s Gen Y narcissist-fest.
>Constant change is driven by social mores
>Operate in the culture not the category.

Elizabeth Ellers – The Life of the Novella
Ms. Ellers explained the continuing phenomenon which is the Novella.
>These programs are ot just for women.
>Contrary to popular belief, a Novella is not a Soap Opera. Soap Operas = cheap production, high rotation of actors, never acing story. Novellas = top talent, lavish production, core cast throughout entire series.
>Stories that resonate worldwide e.g. Ugly Betty.
>Connecting generations of Hispanic women.
>Romantic comedies are now the favorite genre.
>William Levy – cross over star.
>90% of Novella viewing is done LIVE!
>Novella viewing is typically co-viewed, often a couple.
>They build ratings/momentum over time.

Liz Huszarik – WB Media Research & Insights
Ms. Huszarik spoke to the ever challenging ways to measure viewer engagement, let alone ratings.
>Alternative platforms are driving first time viewing. When you count all the various ways that folks watch their favorite shows, the viewership numbers start returning to historic norms.
>TV faces a new balancing act. On demand pulling viewers away and also pushing them back to linear.
>Fragmentation makes it harder to attract and keep viewers throughout the season.

Carole Smith, VP Research WE TV
>Women’s Fantasy World – an outlet for dealing with the pressure of being a bread winner.
>Escape & revenge top women’s lists of indulgences.
>TV is a prime indulgence. “A total escape”

Keynote Panel: Every voice is heard, shared perspectives
Moderated by: Marc Berman, Editor in Chief, TV Media Insights
>It’s all about audience measurement in an increasingly complicated viewing world. What’s working? How do you define it?
>The role of social media in taking a show that was successful to a runaway hit.
>It still comes down to great characters and great writing.
>You can’t understand the viewer by just demos. The key question is how do people engage and how do you measure it?
>The Netflix Factor, we’re not measuring the audience for the 600 pound gorilla – Arrested Development / House of Cards / Netflix makes it harder to measure (32 million, more subscribers than HBO)
>Netflix is the only stock that goes up and down based on reviews of its original shows
>Time shifted TV is hovering at 13%. It’s more about evolution than revolution.

Todd Henry: Accidental Creative
Mr. Henry got to pump up the audience which is not easy at 5:15pm, but he did it by being focused, which not surprisingly was the basis of his talk. Or more succinctly, what it takes to become and stay a prolific creative force.
>Prolific, brilliant & healthy – very hard to get all three of these at once.
>You need to know where your ideas come from if you expect to live up to your creative potential.
Assassins of creativity
– Dissonance
– Fear
– Expectation Escalation
We need to build rhythm into our lives.
– Focus
– Minimize the Ping (STOP CHECKING E-MAIL!)
– Define Challenges
– Cluster: adjacency
– Purposeful Relationships
Five conversations
– Clarity
– Expectations
– Fear – what are you afraid of?
– Engagement conversation – what’s your energy level?
– What’s the best thing we’re doing and why?

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