Combining Co-Creation, Communities, and Spirits

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KL Communications and Bacardi U.S.A  presented at the Insight Innovation Exchange Conference (IIeX) last month about how they leveraged their unbranded spirits community to dive deeper into the mind of spirits shoppers.

The IIeX conference was held in Philadelphia, PA and focused on the future of consumer insights and market research.  Some of the key themes heard throughout the conference were Big Data, Holistic Insights, Visualization Tools, Biometrics & Cognitive Neuroscience, Gamification, Crowdsourcing & Co-creation, and Qualitative Innovation.


KL Communications’ and Bacardi’s co-presentation focused specifically on Crowdsourcing & Co-creation.  The session then went into more detail and explained how member collaboration helped create new solutions for spirit shopping using their unbranded community “The Spirits Influencer Panel”.

We don’t know what we don’t know.  Being close to the industry makes it easy to create our own visions or hypotheses of where the market should go, however what we have learned from this community over time is that our “experts” don’t always see things the same way.

The Spirits Influencer Panel allows us to see the world through the shopper’s eyes and better understand their needs, preferences, and passion for spirits.  By engaging our members in the CrowdWeaving® process, we can present them with challenges where they have the ability to generate their own ideas “from scratch”, which will ultimately help shape their overall sprits shopping experience.

So far, numerous CrowdWeaving® challenges have been conducted using this group and discoveries range from new shelving displays to new product development.  KL Communications and Bacardi U.S.A are currently working on creating new challenges for the members and look forward to sharing additional case studies and findings in the near future.

To learn more about KL Communications and CrowdWeaving®, be sure to visit our website here.

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