I am proud to announce today the official release of KL Communications’ brand new co-creation community platform. We believe this has set a new standard for online community platforms across the industry. This release includes a fully integrated ideation platform (i.e. CrowdWeaving®) and mobile applications, as well as an improved reporting dashboard.

This new platform allows us to transform traditional online communities from a source for quick consumer reaction to a truly collaborative co-creation process. The new platform includes more than 100 new or upgraded features, but below are a few of the biggest highlights:

CrowdWeaving® – Our ideation platform is now fully integrated into our community platform. Now, you can allow your community to participate in “always-on” strategic innovation or in very specific ideation sessions. CrowdWeaving® does more than just collect ideas, it allows your internal stakeholders to work directly with consumers to develop ideas into concepts.

Seamless Mobile App Integration – KLC can provide clients with a custom, native mobile app for their community. This expands when and where members can participate, but also how they participate. Community members can now share photos and videos directly from their gallery in real-time or receive notifications based on their GPS location. All of the information collected through the app is fully integrated with the desktop platform and reported out in a single reporting dashboard.

Upgraded reporting dashboard – Our clients now have complete desktop access to all of the community data available. Now clients can view streaming data in real-time across all community activities and can create customized, downloadable reports. This allows our clients to share information faster within their organization, ensuring timely and relevant insights.

At KLC, we have always believed that brands are more successful when they allow their customers to provide input, not just feedback. This new platform allows you to engage your customers throughout the entire process of creating new products and services. Our new suite of products allow you to brainstorm new ideas and solutions, develop those ideas into concepts, optimize and test the top concepts, and plan your go-to-market strategy.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you bring better products and services to market faster and establish a deeper, long-lasting relationship with your customers in the process. We look forward to sharing this vision with you in the near future.