Main Street or Wall Street?

Diana Busardo is one of KL Communications’ interns. She is presently a senior at Monmouth University, and below shares her experience working with us since mid-2015. 


Wall-St-Main-St1Internships can make or break you.

That is how college students feel anyway. If an average college student wants to be successful in life, they must work hard to make something of themselves. Oftentimes an internship is the first step in this process. Most people have goals they would like to achieve — they want to earn a good living, make fond memories, and maybe create a family.

Most people feel all of these goals are contingent or related to one’s success. Many students living in the Tri-State area might believe they need an internship at a big company in New York City to make an impact and jump start their career. Yet they do not realize the place to truly make a difference is at a smaller local New Jersey company. New Jersey businesses offer a variety of services, products and opportunities to people all over the state.

In addition to numerous established companies, many new businesses are beginning to pop up in towns such as Red Bank, Asbury Park and Hoboken.  That is why sometimes bigger is not always better. Internships are a way for students to learn, grow and contribute to a company. In addition, by interning, students are able to find a field of work they truly love and can eventually build their career.

At larger companies, interns might be treated as more of an administrative assistant, performing tasks such as making copies or getting coffee and lunch for their boss. The truth is these are not practical skills for students to learn.  The goal is for interns to gain practical skills and make a difference in the company they are working for. I am fortune enough to have landed an internship at KL Communications, a market research company headquartered in Red Bank, NJ. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here and feel that I have learned a great deal from working at KLC.

I spoke with Lisa Fuchs, Director of Community Research Services at KL Communications, who works closely with the interns. She was asked how an intern can make their mark on a company. Mrs. Fuchs recommended, “Interns can offer fresh perspectives, especially in our business of market research. They should be able to share their helpful opinions and tell me what they think. They can constructively contribute to projects to help the company advance and grow.

Mrs. Fuchs was also asked what the benefits of interning at a smaller New Jersey business was as opposed to a larger company in a big city. She said, “When interning at a bigger company, it can get to be a daily grind; there is a feeling of constantly running around and having to defend your job. At a smaller company, there is a real chance to learn and be hands-on in the business. In addition, you have a chance to stay on with the company after the internship and even continue to move up in the company. Smaller companies often value everyone’s opinions, even interns, and the personal connections you make can help you later in your job search.

To make a difference, interns must work very hard, they might have to put in longer hours, take on extra assignments or work through their lunch hour but that is the kind of work ethic that employers notice and will make a difference. As Mrs. Fuchs said, “Another way to make your mark is to use your voice and be brazen”. If you have an idea speak up and contribute in meetings.  Being talkative and interested in your work will make a lasting impression on your employer.

Remember that big companies do not guarantee big success! Interns are making a difference at local New Jersey companies and the companies are making a difference for the interns.

Diana Busardo

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