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Should they stay or should they go? How to keep Co-creation Community Participation Healthy and Balanced

One question I have been hearing a lot lately when speaking with both current and potential clients is, “What is the average lifespan for an online market research community member?” While we typically like to add fresh blood into a community at a minimum of once a year, this is not a simple answer as …

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The Three Keys to Co-creation Success

If you search “customer co-creation,” you will get more than 44 million entries with some of the top descriptions including “Co-creation is driving innovation,” “How co-creation can improve your customer experience,” and “Innovation with customer co-creation.”  The list goes on and on. The Market Research industry always seems to latch on to buzzwords, with the …

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Co-creation—What’s in it for Consumers?

Whenever we refer to customer co-creation we always talk about all the different ways our clients can utilize it.  We stress to them that co-creation opens a two-way conversation with their own customers and they can connect with their customers in a way that they have never been able to before.  This month I want …

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Co-creation – Who Isn’t Doing It?

I recently was catching up with an old colleague of mine who asked me what it was that we really do at KL Communications.  I gave him my typical response of “we are a research agency that specializes in customer co-creation.”  To that, my colleague replied, “Who isn’t doing that these days?” This response really …

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