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Why Online Communities Drive Better Decisions

In today’s business climate, faster is better. If you wait too long to respond to a customer’s inquiry or address their grievance, you’ll be reading about it on social media before you’ve even had a chance to compose your reply. If you’re pursuing product development with an ambiguous path, then be prepared. Someone may launch …

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3 Benefits of Using Co-creation During Product Development

3 Benefits of Using Co-creation During Product Development Co-creation is starting to get the recognition that it’s due. Nearly 50 years ago, the mantra, “innovate or die” uttered by Jack V. Matson who authored a book carrying this title, became the battle cry of product developers. Today, innovating collaboratively with customers and other stakeholders have …

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When Should My Business Invest in Co-Creation in Marketing Research?

Co-creation, defined within the context of marketing research, is the blending of traditional marketing research techniques (such as surveys, polls and focus groups), together with newer non-traditional methodologies such as Crowdweaving™ and biometric responses. What these methodologies do together is to facilitate open communication and build relationships between customers and a company. The heart of …

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Stay Away from This One Big Product Development Mistake

It’s what keeps product developers awake at night. The one big product development mistake that can be career-limiting, perhaps even career-ending and certainly spark a whole lot of negative commentary about your company’s failure to craft a product that customers actually want to purchase. Nobody wants to err, nor do people typically set out deliberately …

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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Customer Intelligence Software

Today, in this digital era of analytics with the ability to measure anything and everything, companies who track customer behaviors and analyze them to discover actionable insights have an edge over their competitors. Everyone knows the saying, “the customer is always right” and one thing that we can be sure of is that customers are …

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Why Consumer Market Research is Crucial for Product Development

Consumer market research taps into six main questions you want to ask for product development: who, what, when, where, why and how. If your company can’t answer all six critical questions pertaining to your product, how can you assume it will resonate with consumers? Making assumptions, rather than conducting consumer market research, will hinder your …

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Why the Product Development Research Process Is Changing in 2018

In the not-so-distant past, the product development research process largely ignored the needs and wants of the customer. The collective mindset was “we work for the customer since the customer can’t think or do so for themselves”. Executives would “freeze” the ability to submit any change orders. Key decision makers would dictate orders based on …

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Market Research Trends: 2018 Forecast

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1528487828588{padding-bottom: 50px !important;}”]On January 1st of every new year, market research industry professionals can anticipate exciting new methods to better understand their target customers and develop successful products for the marketplace. Market research trends in 2018 are progressing swiftly and promising great results. As was true when 2017 began, artificial intelligence holds great promise, …

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Recognizing Niche Passion Groups Within a Collaborative Online Community

Hopefully by now you are comfortable with the difference between crowdsourcing and co-creation. After understanding what co-creation is and the benefits it affords, you may be interested in learning even more about how it stands apart from traditional market research tools. Once co-creation gets rolling, the ideas that emerge are often amazing, but what you …

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