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Why the Product Development Research Process Is Changing in 2018

In the not-so-distant past, the product development research process largely ignored the needs and wants of the customer. The collective mindset was “we work for the customer since the customer can’t think or do so for themselves”. Executives would “freeze” the ability to submit any change orders. Key decision makers would dictate orders based on …

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Market Research Trends: 2018 Forecast

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1528487828588{padding-bottom: 50px !important;}”]On January 1st of every new year, market research industry professionals can anticipate exciting new methods to better understand their target customers and develop successful products for the marketplace. Market research trends in 2018 are progressing swiftly and promising great results. As was true when 2017 began, artificial intelligence holds great promise, …

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Recognizing Niche Passion Groups Within a Collaborative Online Community

Hopefully by now you are comfortable with the difference between crowdsourcing and co-creation. After understanding what co-creation is and the benefits it affords, you may be interested in learning even more about how it stands apart from traditional market research tools. Once co-creation gets rolling, the ideas that emerge are often amazing, but what you …

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Co-Creation vs. Crowdsourcing: Why Are They So Different?

Crowdsourcing and co-creation are powerful product development strategies that the internet age ushered in. However, some business leaders are still uncertain about what they involve, which one to use and why they matter. If you’re debating the co-creation vs. crowdsourcing issue and you’re trying to decide which would be better for an upcoming project, you …

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We Practice What We Preach

At our most recent staff meeting, our president, and founder of KL Communications, Kevin Lonnie reminded us of something we regard as very important at KLC. We must collaborate. And he didn’t mean just our community members collaborating with each other or even us collaborating with our community members. At KL Communications, we don’t only …

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Three Steps to Tell if Mobile is the Right Methodology

Lately many online market research webinars, articles, and blog posts (including this one) are about mobile market research. It doesn’t require a lot of research to support this notion. A quick perusal of a few industry newsletters and plenty of data is at my fingertips. While there is no shortage of information on the topic, …

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KLC’s Vision is in Line with Client Perspectives

Earlier this month, I attended a two-part webinar series hosted by Greenbook that focused on the results of the most recent annual GRIT Report. During the series, “Research Industry Trends: Current Wave of Change and What’s to Come,” many thought-provoking topics were discussed among supplier, technology, and client representatives. You might think as a supplier …

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Change is Coming and KL Communications is Ready

Recently I participated in a webinar in which Google Consumers Surveys sparked the latest conversation that an industry transformation is not as far off as some might think. The transition on the horizon (or more realistically already here) is that there are faster, cheaper, and bigger means to data and sample. While other companies may …

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