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Why Customer Intelligence Platforms Are Critical in 2018

IBM has one. So does SAS. does, too. Spotfire helps companies build them. KL Communications has built their own. What are “customer intelligence platforms” and why is everybody talking about them? They are the most widely adopted and inherently useful system for generating actionable insights around new product development and corporate strategy. Specifically, Allsight, …

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6 User Feedback Tools: Web, App & Product

The resounding theme behind user feedback tools is collaboration. It’s as critical of a component to change management as it is to market research and co-creation. Collaboration drives innovation. When your partner, customer or provider feels like both sides are equally invested, and that their opinion will not only be heard but will make a …

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Enhancing Customer Loyalty via Co-Creation Communities

Customer loyalty can be defined as the choice of any given customer to purchase your goods or use your services for comparable goods and services offered in the same marketplace. You gain customer loyalty by gaining a deep understanding of your customer base. Now, more than ever, it is important to understand the underlying needs …

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Give Careful Consideration to Populating Your Market Research Online Communities

A market research online community (MROC) consists of people who agree to engage with one or more products or services for a certain length of time. Often MROCs are branded, meaning that the end client is revealed to members. Still, there are many times where a blind community that asks questions about the client’s vertical …

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Companies are Beginning to Involve Customers… but is it Enough?

According to data in the Fall 2014 GRIT report, multiple techniques within the market research industry are gaining popularity, not only in actual use, but in terms of perceived value and overall interest. Among these is Crowdsourcing, with 49% of respondents categorizing it as “in use” or “under consideration” at their companies. The data suggests …

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Discussion: Ten Things Every Online Community Manager should be Testing to Increase Engagement

As a Community Manager at KL Communications, a big part of my job is continuously hunting for ways to engage our online research community members. We make engagement (and increasing engagement!) a focus every day, from re-evaluating member communications, incorporating new gamification elements, creating picture and video posts, to developing easy and convenient mobile apps, …

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The Human Researcher

I recently came across an article on called “Researchers offer strategies for keeping MR function relevant in a big data world”. The more I read the more I was struck that editor Joseph Rydholm should come work at KL Communications. His belief of the importance of the human researcher is exactly what we at KLC …

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