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The Employee Online Community – Connecting Companies and Increasing Employee Engagement

It’s understood that an online community can help you better understand your customers. Through a variety of research methodologies available within a customer insights platform, you can facilitate an ongoing feedback loop with your target audience. What’s critical to note, though, is that your target audience can be any group – including employees. The benefits …

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2 Ways to Implement Customer Co-Creation for Your Brand

Back in the “good old days,” when life was more simple and Mad Men-like agencies reigned supreme, marketing meant pitching ideas to your customers, and basically just convincing them to buy products that were already created and ready to purchase. A good salesperson didn’t care about their customers’ personal lives unless it related directly to …

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Using Agile Market Research To Lead Your Marketing

The way people do business is changing, mostly because technology is evolving so quickly. A few decades ago, marketing was much simpler than it is today. Before the internet and all the tech advancements that came with it, people watched television, read newspapers and conducted most of their day-to-day business in person, or at least …

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The Crossfit of Market Research

I came across an interesting article about writing earlier this week, and it compares the written word to interval training programs like Crossfit.  Interval training is based around the idea that you push yourself to the max for a certain period of time, and then slow down to a baseline where you’re still working hard, …

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Using Insights to Bridge the Gap Between Clients and Research Participants

After attending a webinar hosted by Qualtrics, Dr. David Rock of the Neuroleadership Institute explained the importance of insights and how they relate to communicating and collecting data. Here are some key themes I took away from the webinar: Collecting data is not just important to the client, but to the participant and researchers, as …

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Should they stay or should they go? How to keep Co-creation Community Participation Healthy and Balanced

One question I have been hearing a lot lately when speaking with both current and potential clients is, “What is the average lifespan for an online market research community member?” While we typically like to add fresh blood into a community at a minimum of once a year, this is not a simple answer as …

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