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How Does AI Impact Your Insights Community?

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) as they were typically called at the time were a yearly feature in GRIT’s new technology section for over a decade, until they became nearly ubiquitous due to their cost/time efficiencies over ad hoc research.   But do those advantages still hold when compared to the potential of AI synthetic data/respondents?  …

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Don’t Let AI Prevent HI–Embracing the Surface Noise

I love that lead-in quote and not simply because I’ve been a vinyl record enthusiast and collector since a guy named Reagan lived in the White House. I also love it because I’m a HI (Human Insight) enthusiast and embracing life’s surface noise is critical in the pursuit of human insight. Given the current state …

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AI Has MR In Its Sights

AI (ChatGPT, et al) is set to disrupt the Market Research Industry.  A recent joint academic study (Princeton, Penn & NYU) with the sexy title “Occupational Heterogeneity in Exposure to Generative AI” listed MR in the top 10% of industries threatened by AI (75th out of 750).  Looking for more causes for concern, On Monday …

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