Webinar: The Duality of Crowds & Its Impact on Ideation

Tags: Co-Creation, Industry, Innovation, Online Communities

The prevailing “wisdom” for well over a hundred years is that the crowd is mad. However, more recently, author James Surowiecki countered with his book, The Wisdom of Crowds.

So what is it, is the crowd wise or mad?

Anyone who has tried to buy toilet paper in the last two weeks will come to the same sad conclusion that sociologists have reached. Unfortunately; yes the crowd is mad. But fear not, there is what is known as The Wisdom of Crowds “Effect” (WCE). And with the perfect mixture of divergent inspiration and convergent structure, we can actually harness the crowd to guide our ideation.

The Wisdom of Crowds Effect (WCE) won’t help you score a package of Charmin, but with the vast majority of new product launches failing, why not try a new approach.

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