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Customer Co-Creation is the Secret to Business Innovation

Today, we have the ability to connect with others in a variety of ways, be it for business or for leisure, and we have been taking full advantage. Though many of us have been home or working under some restrictions for several months, we have remained connected with friends, family, co-workers, and clients. Keeping business …

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How to Identify the Top Market Research Companies in NYC

Competition abounds. Particularly in New York City. So, how do you identify the top market research companies in NYC? If you’re already in the field of market research, the process of identifying which companies are best and what their specialties are is easier than if you’re unfamiliar with the field. On the contrary, if you’re …

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How to use Co-Creation to Bring Better Products to Market

Consumers are picky. This is no grand revelation. However, there is something to be learned about how to meet – and exceed – their expectations. When a customer is considering a purchase, whether it is something new to them or new to the world, or they are replacing something, they are typically diligent about their …

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How the Product Innovation Process is Changing

In the past, product innovation process, particularly for consumer products, was relatively straightforward and standardized across all companies. At that time, companies developed first-of-their-kind products. As a result, innovation was centered around simply what the product did and did not emphasize how it functioned. Companies identified a need, generated a manufacturing plan, rolled it out …

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