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Don’t Let AI Prevent HI–Embracing the Surface Noise

I love that lead-in quote and not simply because I’ve been a vinyl record enthusiast and collector since a guy named Reagan lived in the White House. I also love it because I’m a HI (Human Insight) enthusiast and embracing life’s surface noise is critical in the pursuit of human insight. Given the current state …

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What Is an Insight Community?

An insight community is a valuable research tool that virtually brings together a select group of your customers, prospects, or key stakeholders, allowing you to regularly engage with them and gather valuable feedback and deep insights.  With an insight community you can better understand your audience, identify their needs and preferences, and ultimately make more informed decisions to help drive your business forward. 

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Case Study:  Utility CX & Brand Tracking With An Insights Community

Insights Communities are an effective and affordable way for utility providers to track key performance indicators.  Do you need to regularly answer questions like these: Questions like these or closely related ones are often critical for utility companies to answer.  Regularly tracking the metrics that result from these types of questions is the key to …

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[Watch] KLC’s Webinar from TMRE Digital Week “How to Maximize Your Online Community”

Overview: How to Maximize the Value of your Online Insight Community Online Insight Communities (MROCs) are now used by the majority of the Fortune 1,000. But is your insight community maximized for cost effectiveness? With the amazing research tools that can be seamlessly integrated into your MROC, the opportunity to transfer expensive ad hoc work …

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Five Crucial Steps to the New Product Development Process

Over the last decade or so, the product development process has shifted from being reactive to proactive. Previously, creatives simply brainstormed and threw ideas around. At that time, harnessing employees as idea machines was very much in vogue. Legions of companies followed the book, “Your Creative Power” published in 1948 by Alex Osborn, a partner …

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Gen Z Characteristics & How to Market to them Effectively

Generation Z makes up 25% of the US population and controls $143B in direct purchasing power. By 2020, Gen Z will represent 40% of all buyers. As a whole, this is the most advanced group of teenagers in history, yet unlike any generation before them, they are more of a collection of individuals and small …

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Co-Creation: It’s All About That ROI

Customer co-creation involves much more than applying customer feedback. It’s a collaborative product development process from start to finish. The customers who create with your brand will work with you through every stage of creation, from the initial idea to rough sketches all the way through to packaging and marketing. It’s making the customer far …

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Market Research Trends: 2018 Forecast

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1528487828588{padding-bottom: 50px !important;}”]On January 1st of every new year, market research industry professionals can anticipate exciting new methods to better understand their target customers and develop successful products for the marketplace. Market research trends in 2018 are progressing swiftly and promising great results. As was true when 2017 began, artificial intelligence holds great promise, …

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The Importance of Customer Loyalty When Shifting Marketing Strategies

Customer loyalty is crucial when shifting marketing strategies. 82 percent of U.S. adults are loyal to brands, while 74 percent of millennials would switch to another retailer if they received poor customer service. Moreover, 61 percent of satisfied customers are very likely to recommend a company to other people, compared to just seven percent of …

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