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The Unbearable Dullness of Thinking

A lot of attention in the innovation space has been placed on customer co-creation. In the new sharing economy, there is an intrinsic appeal to the idea of creating with your customers. The question then becomes, what’s the best method, what’s the best way to make this happen? I think traditional in-person brain storming sessions …

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The Gaming of Market Research

One of the hot topics in MR today is gamification to make the research experience more interactive, compelling and dare we say, addictive. The idea being that an engaged respondent will prove more likely to be an insightful respondent. But when it comes to the world of gaming, I would say the tail is wagging …

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The Power of the Crowd Lies in Co-Creation, Not Crowdsourcing

The term Crowdsourcing feels mainstream, but author Jeff Howe’s book on the subject is only five years old. The term “Crowdsourcing” and the use of the crowd continues to evolve.  Initially, most forms of crowdsourcing were based on cost savings measures.  Essentially, firms could outsource manpower (e.g. Amazon Turk) or even its inventory (e.g. Stock …

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