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What’s Your Creative Style?

I’ve been taking an online course (“MOOC”) at Penn State this semester called “Creativity, Innovation and Change.”  The team of professors hails from different disciplines in engineering (mechanical, chemical and environmental) as well as theater and psychology.  We’re now into week 6 of the class, and so far have investigated creative styles, ideation techniques, intelligent …

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Using Insights to Bridge the Gap Between Clients and Research Participants

After attending a webinar hosted by Qualtrics, Dr. David Rock of the Neuroleadership Institute explained the importance of insights and how they relate to communicating and collecting data. Here are some key themes I took away from the webinar: Collecting data is not just important to the client, but to the participant and researchers, as …

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Change is Coming and KL Communications is Ready

Recently I participated in a webinar in which Google Consumers Surveys sparked the latest conversation that an industry transformation is not as far off as some might think. The transition on the horizon (or more realistically already here) is that there are faster, cheaper, and bigger means to data and sample. While other companies may …

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Anonymity in a Big Data World

In this internet age, where more and more data is being created by individuals, is it possible to maintain anonymity? In the infographic below, it is hard to ignore the fact that with each passing year, more and more digital information is being created around the world. By the year 2020, that data is expected …

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