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[Watch] “Rank-Choice Voting” Also Makes Sense in Market Research

KLC’s EVP of Innovation Services, Lisa Fuchs, joins RFL Communications, Bob Lederer, to discuss New York City’s first “Rank Choice Voting” Mayoral Primary last month and brought to mind the use of an analogous idea that can be used in consumer research. Want to learn more about the market research services KLC offers? Fill out …

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What is the difference between Co-Creation and Ideation?

Do you want to Co-Create, or do you just want to ideate? Often, we are asked about the differences in Co-Creation versus Crowdsourcing and Idea Generation. In the age of “faster, cheaper, more scalable”, brands want to innovate to stay competitive, but may not always want to invest the time and effort (and budget). Ultimately, …

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Raise the Woof: Online Focus Group’s for Fido

As we slip into the final weeks of 2020, and prepare for the holiday season once again, one thing has become clear. Digital qualitative research has become all the rage this year. In a time when the pandemic has changed the way we live and work, market researchers have had to find alternatives to in-person …

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Don’t Let COVID-19 Halt Your Market Research Efforts

As everyone in the entire world is aware, the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has halted travel and business on a global scale.  With many companies instituting travel bans for their employees, and the general public being told to stay home to curtail the spread of the virus, market research and innovation is now more challenging …

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The Best Marketing Research Process for Product Development

As any good researcher knows, there are several marketing research processes, and the one for product development is typically of great interest because it has the greatest impact on the company’s performance. There are multiple variations of this process, so which one is the best marketing research process for product development? A quick refresher on …

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Five Crucial Steps to the New Product Development Process

Over the last decade or so, the product development process has shifted from being reactive to proactive. Previously, creatives simply brainstormed and threw ideas around. At that time, harnessing employees as idea machines was very much in vogue. Legions of companies followed the book, “Your Creative Power” published in 1948 by Alex Osborn, a partner …

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How Online Research Tools are Helping New Businesses Succeed

It’s not easy being the new business on the block. Today’s global economy and marketplace afford new businesses as many opportunities as it does challenges. To be successful now, businesses require a thorough understanding of the marketplace. Specifically, their target customer – who they are, as well as how and why they buy. Online research …

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The Best Process for Successful New Product Development

At the recent Front End of Innovation conference in Boston, we learned a lot from the key opinion leaders who presented their thoughts and concepts around innovation. One of the common themes was the mission-critical role of the customer. Specifically, how placing customers at the forefront of a customer-centric strategy was imperative for the success …

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