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Innovative from Start to Finish: The Benefits of Research Methodologies

Online insight communities have so much to offer. From employing in-depth qualitative research methods to providing substantial quantitative findings; if there’s a question you need to be answered, an online community can be your tool to do it! Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) Let’s start with the basics! The first thing to note when talking …

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What is the difference between Co-Creation and Ideation?

Do you want to Co-Create, or do you just want to ideate? Often, we are asked about the differences in Co-Creation versus Crowdsourcing and Idea Generation. In the age of “faster, cheaper, more scalable”, brands want to innovate to stay competitive, but may not always want to invest the time and effort (and budget). Ultimately, …

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4 Ways Market Research Online Communities Can Impact Your Business

We all know that online market research is more essential than ever right now. With the COVID-19 pandemic, budgets are down, timelines are tighter than ever, and in-person research is, at best, complicated. How can an online community make an impact on your business right now, and in the future? You have an engaged audience …

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Why Does Co-Creation Matter?

The answer is simple; your customers know what they want! Whether you’re designing a new product to put on the shelves, a new service to put out to market, or even a new tool for customers to utilize, looping consumers in early and often is key to successful design thinking. No one understands the customer …

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How Can a Company Make Co-Creation Payoff?

Established and emerging businesses alike have the primary goal to maximize their profits and minimize expenses. Mind blowing information, right? While it is a simple concept, there are countless variables that can affect a company’s bottom line. We can say with certainty that revenue is vitally dependent on the success of a company’s products and …

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Raise the Woof: Online Focus Group’s for Fido

As we slip into the final weeks of 2020, and prepare for the holiday season once again, one thing has become clear. Digital qualitative research has become all the rage this year. In a time when the pandemic has changed the way we live and work, market researchers have had to find alternatives to in-person …

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