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Co-creation – Who Isn’t Doing It?

I recently was catching up with an old colleague of mine who asked me what it was that we really do at KL Communications.  I gave him my typical response of “we are a research agency that specializes in customer co-creation.”  To that, my colleague replied, “Who isn’t doing that these days?” This response really …

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A First-Timer’s Recap of TMRE 2013

The Market Research Event, our industry’s largest and finest conference, was held this year in Nashville at the bright & lovely Opryland Hotel. Keynote speakers which included Daniel Pink, Malcom Gladwell, and Jane McDonigal had various things to say that all seemed to address in some way the quickly expanding, connected world we live in …

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Change is Coming and KL Communications is Ready

Recently I participated in a webinar in which Google Consumers Surveys sparked the latest conversation that an industry transformation is not as far off as some might think. The transition on the horizon (or more realistically already here) is that there are faster, cheaper, and bigger means to data and sample. While other companies may …

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How Much is Too Much?

In market research, we are always striving to provide our clients with relevant and pertinent information and insights. This can unfortunately bleed into how we end up treating our respondents. Sometimes we can forget that we have a working partnership with respondents, especially in communities, and without them, our communities wouldn’t have any people to …

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Putting Market Research Technology in its Place

Attending the Market Research in the Mobile World conference in Minneapolis July 16–18 as a civilian—I did not have to log any booth time—I was fully prepared to focus on mobile for mobile’s sake. As the person in charge of developing KL Communications’ new IC2 platform, of which client-branded mobile apps are a major component, …

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