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Find us at The Quirk’s Event in Orange County, CA & Brooklyn, NY

Our President and Founder, Kevin Lonnie, will be running a best practice workshop on “How to Own Customer Co-Creation” at The Quirk’s Events in both Orange County, CA and Brooklyn, NY. The events will include an expo, as well as breakout sessions and networking opportunities. With decades of experience in the MR industry, Kevin is …

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The Power of the Crowd Lies in Co-Creation, Not Crowdsourcing

The term Crowdsourcing feels mainstream, but author Jeff Howe’s book on the subject is only five years old. The term “Crowdsourcing” and the use of the crowd continues to evolve.  Initially, most forms of crowdsourcing were based on cost savings measures.  Essentially, firms could outsource manpower (e.g. Amazon Turk) or even its inventory (e.g. Stock …

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The Confluence of Agile Research & Customer Co-Creation

Researchers are getting used to hearing about the opportunities afforded by agile research and customer co-creation.  Often the terms are used almost interchangeably but, to me, they are distinct, with the latter being a subset of the former. Agile Research is a derivative of the agile development process.  For definition, I’ll use Jeffrey Henning’s recent …

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The Crossfit of Market Research

I came across an interesting article about writing earlier this week, and it compares the written word to interval training programs like Crossfit.  Interval training is based around the idea that you push yourself to the max for a certain period of time, and then slow down to a baseline where you’re still working hard, …

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We Practice What We Preach

At our most recent staff meeting, our president, and founder of KL Communications, Kevin Lonnie reminded us of something we regard as very important at KLC. We must collaborate. And he didn’t mean just our community members collaborating with each other or even us collaborating with our community members. At KL Communications, we don’t only …

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